Striker Systems New Technical Support System

To better serve our customers and improve their overall customer service experience, Striker Systems is pleased to announce the launch of a comprehensive new automated technical support system (Advantage Technical Support).  Our goal is to provide customers with even faster response and resolution times to technical support inquiries.  The details of the system are outlined in the following FAQ.
Why is this change being made?
The success of Striker Systems software has led to a rapid expansion in the size of our customer base.  With thousands of software licenses installed globally, our existing technical support system has become increasingly limiting.  To continue advancing our customer service relationship it has become necessary for us to implement a new, scalable system to streamline our technical support process.
What are the advantages of the new technical support system?
The heart of our new system is automatic creation of support tickets from incoming customer support emails.  The customer benefits are extensive:
  • Faster Response Times.  Incoming support emails automatically open a new support ticket or append to an existing support ticket.  Eliminating manual data handling equals faster response and resolution times.
  • Comprehensive Issue Analysis.  Behind the scenes, our new support system makes is easier for our Striker support technicians to share tickets and collaborate on resolution.  The customer is the beneficiary as support tickets get more comprehensive review.
  • Online Customer Access!  A new Customer Support Portal provides access to real-time status of your support tickets.
  • Reviewable History Tracking.  Because our new support system automates the tracking of support tickets, you can review the entire history of a support ticket at any time.
  • Searchable Knowledge Base.  The Customer Support Portal includes a new, searchable knowledge base.  Many technical support questions can be answered without ever opening a support ticket, thereby saving you time.
  • Access to Current Technical News.  The Customer Support Portal includes a Recent News section where we will post important information relative to your use of Striker Systems software. 
How do I request technical support?
A support ticket must be opened by sending an email containing issue details to  You should then watch your email for responses regarding issue status and resolution.  You may optionally log into the Customer Support Portal to check your support ticket status. 
How are emails (support tickets) tracked?
When a new support email is received it will assigned a “ticket number”.  All emails regarding the issue sent from Striker Systems will contain the ticket number in the subject line (Example: [2AA-1E3A0134-0201]).  All of your responses must also contain this ticket number in the subject line.
Can I still call for technical support?
A support ticket must be opened by email.  This eliminates the entry of your inquiry by an attendant with the potential miscommunication during a phone call, and places your support inquiry immediately in front of a Striker Systems support technician.  If, after receiving a support inquiry, the Striker Systems Support technicians feel that a telephone conversation is warranted, a Striker Systems representative will call.  We will continue to use all tools available, including telephone calls and web conferencing as necessary, to resolve support tickets as quickly and efficiently as possible.
How do I access the Online Customer Support Portal?
The Customer Support Portal is accessible by going to  Your customer account must be set up with a username and password.  If we have not already provided you with a username and password, you can request these by clicking here.  Striker Systems Online Support Access Portal or emailing us at
How do I access the knowledge base?
When you login to the Customer Support Portal you will find access to the knowledge base.